2019 “Excellence in Business Award” —WINNERS

A Murray & Sons is the winner of the Tumut Regional Chamber of Commerce 2019 “Excellence in Business Award” (over 20 employees).

The three Directors, Mathew, Dwayne and Scott Murray (pictured below) were there on the night to receive the Award accompanied by their wives.  The business was also a finalist in the category of “Outstanding Manufacturing, Industrial or Trade.”
Dwayne Murray accepted the 2019 “Excellence in Business Award” at the Tumut Regional Chamber of Commerce, on behalf of company. 
He thanked clients, staff, management and families for all working together to make this change to excellence possible. 
What’s unique about our business

A Murray & Sons is a local family business of plumbers that has spanned three generations.  As a result it makes the business accountable to our family’s reputation. Staff like the security of dealing with a family business that has been going for 66 years. Clients also trust the name and the experience behind the business. It was one of our local business clients that nominated A Murray & Sons for the 2019 “Excellence in Business Award”.

Builders and clients outside of Tumut have often commented about the commitment and consideration of our onsite staff—country values speak loudly.

Our experience of working with tier one builders, means that the business benefits all round. We find better ways to do plumbing, better materials and processes. This then filters into the local environment where we can improve plumbing solutions for the Shire and its people.

The three Murray cousins have always worked together well. Mathew (left) handles the large commercial project teams. Dwayne (centre) is in charge of contracts, finance and the administration. Scott (right)is an expert and looks after the local domestic and maintenance teams.

The efforts of the staff throughout this period of change has been incredible. We all know how far we have come! Now we are winners of the “Excellence in Business Award”
Congratulations to all nominees and winners of this year’s awards.
Visitors can read extracts of our submission on our website. Understand how much has been achieved. 
Well done staff and management of A Murray& Sons. This was a well deserved award.

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