Tumut Regional Business Awards Nomination

A Murray & Sons has been nominated in two categories of Tumut Regional Business Awards. They are “Excellence in Business” and “Outstanding Manufacturing, Industrial and Trade”.

Taking part in the Tumut Regional Business Awards is a first for our business. Over the past three years the business has gone through a major transition.  The third generation of Murrays became the driving force of the business. We set about to improve the business. For instance you can see some of the changes in the new brand and livery on cars and our building. Other improvements have been in our processes, management and culture. Plus the business has grown.

Staff have had a key role in bringing about these changes. The result of their commitment and contributions they have been a major to the success of the last three years. In addition we recognise the support of others assisting behind the scenes and our families.

Our customers and clients have been loyal during this period of development. Some clients and customers have been with us for years. A big thank you to the person that thought of us for the Tumut Regional Business Awards in the first place.

A Murray & Sons remains committed to supporting our local community. Every year we recognise the “Above and Beyond” efforts in many schools, sports club with sponsorships. We have been part of the local community since 1952 and we plan to keep it that way.

On behalf of everyone supporting A Murray & Sons we accept these two nominations. Thank you community for this recognition.. Congratulations to staff and management. This nomination is a great result for everyone’s effort over the past three years.

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